Areas of Law

Our office specializes in administrative law cases, having significant experience in the operation of public administration bodies and thorough scientific training. Certainly, the field of law and the alternating role of the state (economic interventionism or laissez-faire), require good knowledge of the law and its methodology. Our office also handles, with diligence and efficiency, financial criminal cases, civil and commercial cases and especially real estate cases.
The Notary of Tripolis, Martha Athanasoulia – Kokkini is an associate of our office.

Administrative Law

Quarries and forestry law. (spatial planning, mining activities in protected areas (National Parks, NATURA 2000 sites), obtainment of approvals regarding environmental requirements, archaeological legislation, forest area intervention, mining waste management, site design, Technical Utilization Study, strategic environmental evaluation).

Production and business activities, industrial law, establishment of businesses.
Planning and environmental legislation (building and demolition permits, deviations, road connection, etc.), environmental law (environmental requirements approval, Environmental Impact Studies)
Waste management.
Construction of works for infrastructure and networks.
Healthcare stores and similar enterprises (restaurants – canteens, cinemas, etc.). Occupation of public spaces, open-air trade etc.
Tourism facilities. Licensing of integrated tourism facilities, individual hotel units, conference centers, special-purpose tourism units.
Coastal zone protection law
Law for the protection of antiquities and cultural heritage
Access to and practice of freelance professions (doctors, notaries, registrars, lawyers, bailiffs, etc.)
Civil servants. Recruitment, appointment, employment status, disciplinary, administrative sanctions

Civil Law

Real estate – land registry – property law
Inheritance disputes
Commercial disputes, company law, contract law
Unions, associations

Criminal Law

Breach of duty, infidelity and crimes related to civil servants’ duties
Environmental protection, construction works, etc.
Financial crime and property crime (fraud, embezzlement, defrauding, money laundering)
Crimes regarding written pleadings (forgery, etc.)
Crimes against honor (verbal abuse, defamation, etc.)

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